Veruca Salt, as seen in the 1971 film.

"I wanted to be the first to find a Golden Ticket, Daddy!" -Veruca in the film.

Veruca Salt is a character from the children's book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She is the second finder of a Golden Ticket. In the book and the films, Veruca is a blonde brat with a British accent who is constantly spoiled by her weak father, Mr. Salt.


Veruca was the second one to find a Golden Ticket, only through the excessive amount of thousands and thousands of Wonka Bars bought by her father, who was ordered by Veruca to find a Golden Ticket.  After three days in which Veruca would get angrier and angrier until the third day when an employee of Mr. Salt's nut factory found one.  She then went in the factory with her two parents (only her father in the films).  In the Nut Room, however, she was grabbed by 100 squirrels and thrown into the garbage chute to the incinerator, which fortunately wasn't lighted.  Her parents tried to get her out of the chute in hopes that she got stuck, but were pushed down by the squirrels as well.  All three Salts came out of the factory covered in garbage, hopefully having learned something about being and/or raising a spoiled brat.

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