This is a list of all of the Wonka Candies mentioned in the franchise made up of the films, the novels, and the real life candies.

In the book

Unnamed candies

  • bluebird's eggs
  • candy balloons you can blow to enourmous sizes (later stolen by a candy maker named Prodnose)
  • caramels that change color every-ten seconds you suck them
  • chewing gum that never loses it's taste
  • chocolate ice cream that never melts (stolen by a candy maker named Slugworth)
  • feathery sweets that melt the moment you put them between your lips

It is also implied that Wonka has sold jelly beans because the Bean Storage Room has jelly beans in it.

Nestle Wonka Candy Company

Wonka Bar

  • Wonka Exceptionals
  • Wonkalate
  • Xploders

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